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Chemistry is typically introduced to students in Junior High School and High School because of a traditional viewpoint that one must first teach structure and physical properties prior to function. Ironically, most first experiences with chemistry come from observing the function of some “molecule of life”. Early in life we become aware that there are medicines and other chemicals and we are instructed to appreciate their benefit and danger, without having any context of structure. At a time of curiosity in which interest exists to lay a larger foundation and appreciation for chemistry and the physical sciences, traditional education has surprisingly deferred this opportunity to a later period of life. Considering that the earlier students are introduced to a particular subject the more likely they will develop a greater knowledge and understanding of the subject, Elementary School Students represent a uniquely important underrepresented audience to which chemistry and the physical sciences could be more effectively introduced.

The Molecules of Life Project (MLP) is targeted on introducing chemistry within elementary schools by providing a curriculum built around important chemicals that are essential for life processes. Introducing molecules based on their function and historical importance, the MLP strives to stimulate a basic interest in structure that may be cultivated with age. College students from the Arts and Sciences are teamed up to deliver a curriculum based around specific molecules of life with the intent of encouraging the elementary students to express their own thoughts about molecules and structure by way of art projects. Selections from the realized art projects are then be used to produce a marketable item for raising money to improve the school’s resources (i.e. library and computer facilities) for teaching in the arts and sciences. As a fund raising event, the marketable item may be sold regionally by the school as well as to industrial sponsors working in fields related to the molecules of life discussed in the curriculum. In this manner, the MLP strives to globally improve the resources for science education in elementary school by providing a curriculum that inspires and engages a specific sub-group of students to prepare a deliverable for school fund raising.

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  1. Ehud Keinan says:

    I am interested in this program, please keep me posted.
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